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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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Over this weekend I went to this thing for band entitled Sentimental Journey, Where the whole high school commons is completely transformed into a stage and a dance floor with tables and everything for people to sit relax and enjoy. The jazz band played as well throughout it. As a member of the band (not the jazz band ) I decided to offer my services and volunteer to help out ! we had to dress nice and here are some pictures of my dress. Also of what my hair and makeup looked like ( props to Stephanie ! )

and here is an upclose view of my makeup.

Afterwards , everybody went to Timesquare for my friend Brianna's birthday party for GLOW BOWLINGGG! it was super fun. It gave me a chance to wear my new high waisted shorts I got from Forever 21. I had been looking forever for some and finally found them . I also want them in denim and black .

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