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Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring break 2011

So today was the last day of school before spring break ! and I decided I wanted to start taking pictures of my peers and all their fashionable outfits ! I am not going to put pictures up yet cause I want to get more over spring break and I will post them throughout the week hopefully.

Today was amazing . My outfit I thought was pretty cute and pink :) I wore this lace top from Forever 21 and heels from Madonna's new line at Macy's ! I got so many compliments on my shoes. I love them ♥I also wore a pink cardigan to go over cause it was chilly this morning.

So... For this spring break I have many plans ! Tomorrow SAT... bummer.
Sunday, leaving for Arkansas with my mom and good friend Megan . I am going to visit my top choice of university. The University of Arkansas in Fayette ville. I will be sure to take plenty of pics of the campus and everybody and add them here. No worries

then the rest I plan to have fun! hoping to get tan :D

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